Are You Ok? Program

The “Are you ok” program is a program designed to check on the well-being of elderly individuals, disabled persons, shut-in’s who live alone, or anyone in the community who may need to be checked on by one of the police department’s trusted volunteer member or a Community Resource Officers (CRO). 

The volunteer or CRO will call the applicant and ask, “Are you ok?”. If the answer is yes, then the applicant can simply hang up and go about their day. If a concern is expressed, the volunteer or CRO can determine the nature of the concern and if a response is needed. Unanswered calls are called, and if still no response, the volunteer or CRO may request an officer to respond to the location for a welfare check.

Why Apply? 

  • Applicants will receive a friendly and comforting call every Wednesday either in the morning or afternoon by a trusted volunteer or a Community Resource Officer
  • If a call goes unanswered, a Burleson Police Officer will respond to the applicant’s residence to conduct a welfare check on that individual
  • If an applicant requires services, the Community Resource Officer can act as a liaison and can assist in getting those needs fulfilled
  • This program can also give peace of mind to those in need, as well as family members who may live far away

Program Qualifications 

  • City of Burleson Resident
  • 60 years of age or older*
  • Lives alone*
  • Has a working telephone
  • Has a medical condition that requires them to be confined to residence or;
  • Has any other condition as deemed appropriate by program administrator
  • Not eligible if applicant currently resides in an assisted living facility

*Exceptions can be made on serious health issues/age and limited family contact

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