City of Burleson Maps


Interactive Construction Map
A map showing all construction projects across the city, both current and future, that the City of Burleson is involved in and will significantly impact the citizens of Burleson for 12 hours or more. 


Interactive Development Map

A dynamic map showing development projects across the City of Burleson that have been approved, completed or are currently under construction. Click on the project to view plats, plans, and conceptual drawings.


Interactive City Trail System Map

A citywide map showing hike, bike and shared use trails that stretch all throughout the City of Burleson. Click on a trail to show the year constructed, trail dimensions, materials and type of trail.  


Interactive Zoning Map

A citywide map showing zoned areas and classifications throughout the City of Burleson. Click on a zone to show the current class, year and any associated map or ordinance.   

Additional Maps and Resources

Interactive Development Map

Interactive Development Map